Baby Mikey, Stuart Florida Newborn Family Photographer

Baby Mikey is the most perfect little human! Exactly two years after photographing his mom & dad’s wedding, I got to meet this little dude & photograph him. ‘Twas pretty cool. I get so stoked for moments like this!

Mikey was WIDE awake during his newborn session, with big curious eyes looking all over & his little feet kicking non-stop. Ahh I still can’t get over how cute this dude is! I loved getting to see Courtney & Mikey cozy up with their first baby. Such a sweet season to document for this family of three! Oh, and baby Mikey did finally fall asleep at the end of our sesh. He was smiling so much while he dreamed…safe to say he’s a really happy boy! Make sure you scroll to the end to see the cutest baby smile!

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