Chris and Amanda’s Intimate Backyard Wedding

I wanted to get Chris & Amanda’s wedding up on the blog asap because I feel like we could all use some sunshine right now! With more & more wedding postponements happening everyday due to COVID-19, here’s a couple that seriously made lemonade out of lemons. Amanda & Chris traded in their original wedding plans for an intimate, backyard ceremony. Instead of postponing, they chose to get married anyways…and they handled every curve ball with grace & optimism. Accompanied by their immediate family and 2 cousins, these two made it happen and every moment was so dang beautiful.

There are sometimes these surreal moments at weddings that you never forget. As if Chris’ emotional reaction to his bride wasn’t enough to make you cry all the happy tears, the wind chimes started making all the magical sounds right as the two said their vows. Ahh goosebumps! Such a cool moment to witness.

To summarize: There was Chick-fil-a. There was champagne. There was dancing. There was a surprise caravan of friends who made happy signs, honked their car horns like there was no tomorrow, threw rice out of their sunroofs, face-timed in the out of town guests, & celebrated with the couple from a distance. Cue even MORE tears. I think maybe I happy cried like 8 times on this day? It was a seriously epic celebration in so many ways & I was honored to capture it all.

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