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Okay so, for the first time, I feel old. (Not like super old-old, but kind-of old, ya know?). Up until now, graduate sessions have always felt like photographing peers. Usually no more than a couple years between my clients & I, and loads of mutual pals. But this season, I’m photographing these grown adults who I can clearly remember as babies. It’s weird! But it’s also cool. We love a good full circle moment over here.

This handsome dude graduates from my alma mater this summer (Go Cranes) and he’s got a really cool apprenticeship lined up. I’m stoked to see what Blake does in the coming years. People often warned me that things go downhill after high-school & college, and to soak it in. But from my experience, life keeps becoming exponentially better as the years go by. Adulthood is pretty fun if you let it be!

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